Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend round-up

It's been a busy weekend.

  • Went to the doctor for a physical. Since last year, I've lost 39 lbs, my blood pressure and pulse are down, and everything is generally as good as it was or better. The doctor said to see him in a couple of years - I'm healthy. Yay!
  • Went for a run.
  • Decided that I'm doing the Buffalo Turkey Trot this year. I've never competed in a footrace before. It's intimidating. Wish me luck!
  • Got something finished.
  • Worked on my Jack Sparrow costume late into the night. It was a little frustrating - the only element I was really having trouble tracking down was the vest -- I figured I could get a shirt or a coat at Goodwill, cut off the sleeves, add some appropriate buttons, and.... Well, I got a flannel shirt at Goodwill, and, after trying it on a couple of times, I said, "Wait! This is a *really nice* flannel shirt. Why would I cut this up??" So I got a men's wool overcoat yesterday at Goodwill, something like this. Only... that looked really good, too. So hooray for getting good clothes cheap, but boo for still not having a vest! Finally, about 7pm Friday, I found a vest that was perfect (or as close as I was going to find).
  • Tried yoga. I think I like it. I'm ... still kinda processing the experience; it was a lot harder than I thought it would be, but I enjoyed it.
  • Let's's 1pm now.... I think I'm going to do some laundry, pack for the week, maybe go for a run (gotta do that training!)... not sure what else.

Update: I ran 5k! 3.1 miles in 36 minutes.


lorna said...

Yoga rocks. and it kicks your ass (seriously, after a particularly vigorous section I am drenched like i was in a monsoon in Mumbai. Looking forward to seeing you at class one of these days! :-) You'll do great at the Turkey Trot, by the way.

James said...

Thanks! And I'm sure you will... I may try to make it a weekly thing.

As for Turkey Trot, you better come cheer me on -- it's like two blocks from your house!