Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Not a good weekend

So... yeah. This past weekend was awful.

Sunday, Sonya and I got hit with a case of food poisoning. It came on pretty quickly-- as we got up in the late morning, it was kind of "ooh. Something's not right", and quickly progressed to "Oh god, I want to die." Around 5pm, Sonya finally felt well enough to drive me to the ER; we spent an entirely fruitless two hours there; eventually, I said, "You know, I'm not going to see a doctor any time soon, I'm not feeling worse ... let's just go." I told them I was leaving. They asked me to sign a form saying I was leaving against medical advice. I asked, "WHAT medical advice? I haven't received any!" After some grumping, they let me sign a "Leaving without being treated" form. Not sure what the difference is, but the latter sounded more accurate.

Yesterday, Sonya and I spent in quiet convalescence. Around 5pm, I really started to perk up - my energy had returned, my mind had pulled out of the fog, and I was generally feeling better. I pottered around the house, feeding the cats, doing the laundry, and generally taking care of everything I needed to do before coming up to Canada today. Around 10pm, I was about to put some dishes in the sink, and I stepped on some broken glass (no, no idea where it came from) in the kitchen. There was a lot of blood.

So here I am today - with slightly-wobbly stomach, slightly-wobbly foot, 130 miles away from Sonya, who is not doing quite as well as me. On the agenda for the evening: A mild supper, a careful drive to the hotel, and then maybe some TV and photo editing

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