Friday, May 9, 2008

Update: Miscellany

First and foremost,
In less than a month, I'm riding in the Buffalo Tour de Cure! Click here to sponsor me. Or just click the link to see an amusingly larger, spandex-clad version of me on my bike, about to set off. I really should put up a new picture. Anyway, it's a great cause -- I'm trying to raise $1000 for the American Diabetes Association. I'm busting my butt with the training -- 100 miles is a long way to go -- so if you can, drop a few bucks in the virtual pot. Thanks!!

Spring has (finally) arrived in Buffalo. Last weekend, Sonya and I did a massive yard clean-up and spruce-up; our curb is now much more appealing! We finally ditched our rusty old mailbox (literally rusty. Who makes a mailbox out of non-galvanized steel? Serously.) and replaced it with a plastic one.

Work continues to go well; the international drive can be a chore, and can be a pleasure. This past week, I had a bit of both - the former, where I had a half-hour wait at the border, and the latter, a lovely meander through the Niagara Escarpment region. There's a video of that at the bottom of this entry.

Volunteering at Hawk Creek continues to be great. We have a couple of interesting rehab visitors to the center -- a still-fuzzy juvenile Great Horned Owl, and a magnificent Red-Tailed Hawk. Cross your fingers for a speedy release for both of them! In other nature-related news, we put up a nest box last weekend, and already we have some Tree Swallows battling for it in our backyard. I hope they settle in -- they're a lot of fun to watch!

Finally, here's a time-lapse video of me driving from near work to near home. I took the scenic route (which is a little slower, but a lot prettier). Hooray for old blues music being in the public domain.

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...And yes, the software I used is called Flix. It's shareware, and I need to pay the $10 to license it so I don't get the tags on my videos.