Friday, October 12, 2007

Back in the saddle

A few posts ago, I mentioned that I've signed up for next year's Tour de Cure. This has become an annual project with me. Two years ago, I rode 100k. Last year, I rode 100 miles. This coming year, I'm going to do the 100 miler again. It's all-around a good deal: I raise money for a good cause and I force myself to keep up with working out (riding a century is not to be taken lightly). I had been keeping a training blog at my livejournal page, but I think I'll start doing that here. So prepare to see some boring entries here about where I've ridden.

Yesterday was my first time on the bike in ages. Seriously. I rode some in August, once in September, and...yeah. I don't know - every spring, I ride like a fiend; then I do Tour de Cure in June, my riding tapers off over the summer.... and in the fall, I say, "oh, crap! I need to train for Tour de Cure" and I try to get my act together for the winter. This year, though, I'm going to make more of an effort to stay with the workouts through the winter so that I don't have to cram-train in the spring. Anyway... I haven't been on the bike much since I started seriously losing weight, and the difference is AMAZING. I used to be able to do 16-17 mph with a heart rate somewhere in the 150s. Now I'm doing 18-19 mph with my heart in the 140s. To put the difference into perspective, imagine a 5-lb bag of flour. Now imagine stuffing six of them into a backpack. Now, bicycle around with that. Walk with that. Climb stairs with that. Imagine how nice it would feel to take that off. That's kinda where I am now.

And now, I'm off to run errands. First on the list: Riding my bike to the shop to pick up my car.

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