Sunday, October 14, 2007

A day without rats

Spent an enjoyable day yesterday at Hawk Creek. Started with a Level II Handling class, which was really neat. At the center where Sonya and I had worked before, there had been a formal introduction to working with birds of prey, but no advanced handling instruction; learning more than the basics was a matter of apprenticeship, shadowing, and learning as you go. It was nice to have a formalized course. After the classroom portion, we went outside and practiced getting birds out of their mews and walking around with them. It was good, but COLD -- I think that, next time, if it's supposed to be below 50, I'm going to bring a thin liner glove to put inside the leather glove. After I regained feeling in my hand, I spent the afternoon mucking around with mail programs and doing assorted computer-maintenance-y things at the center.

Tonight, it's back to DC for's been a really wonderful week off. So...some laundry, some cleaning, possibly a jog, and....enjoying my last few hours of vacation.

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