Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wow, this is the lamest luxury car ever.

Need to go to bed, but wanted to drop in with a brief update. This week's rental car is an '07 Mercury Grand Marquis. It is a patently awful luxury car, a barely rebadged Crown Victoria.

Problem 1: Storage. The cup-holders pop out next to the ashtray (yes, a real working ashtray, and yes, this is a smoking car). OK, now I know that some folks who smoke and drink coffee do both together, but ... it seems like having the cup of coffee that close to the ashtray....just gross. In any case, though, there's nowhere to stick a CD, iPod, spare change, anything. Just a cubby in the door. Lame.

Problem 2: Donut (limited-use) spare. Come on. You have a trunk big enough for [insert amusing image here. Suggestions in comments. Please keep it PG.]. There's AMPLE room for a full-size spare. My Volkswagen Golf has a full-size spare. What gives, Ford?

Problem 3: User interface. Everything about the layout - the gauges, the buttons, the knobs, looks just like the Fords my friends had in high school. In 1990. Seriously, what gives? It's been 20 years, it's time for an update.

Other than that, the car is about what you'd expect -- soft suspension, surprisingly not-awful handling (it doesn't have that awful feather-touch power steering some luxo-cars have) moderately potent v8 (necessary for pushing around a few tons of steel), bench seats. Oh, and no input jack in the radio.

I give it a 2/5. Do not want.

More on this in a future entry, but I'm a fan of National car rental, because they let you pick your car.

Update: On the receipt, the code for a Grand Marquis is "GRMA 4DR". It really *is* a grandma car!

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lorna said...

on things the trunk fits:

3 midgets, 1 small trampoline, 2 buckets of chicken and a case of toilet paper.