Saturday, November 17, 2007

Best donation yet

Worked an outdoor event for Hawk Creek today. It was a fun "Winter Festival" thing. On the whole, it was pretty enjoyable, in large part because I'd had the sense to dress appropriately. But I couldn't find gloves before I left the house; in any case, the ones I have reduce dexterity to the point that I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing them while working with a bird. (In emergency situations, nimble fingers can be critical)

So I was out there, doing my bit, talking about the Peregrine Falcon, and shifting my free hand from pocket to armpit and back... when a woman who had come by earlier came back and donated... a pair of gloves!!!

Whoever you were, wonderful stranger in West Seneca, *THANK YOU*. The glove was perfect and warm and delightful, and couldn't have come at a better time. May you have a warm cat in your lap by the fire (and a perfect night for it, too -- the snow is coming down hard this evening, threatening to stick!

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