Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mapley goodness!

Unfortunately, this post is 100% pancake-free; I'm still on a diet...

No, I'm in Canada! I'm on a long-term contract up here, so ... yeah. It's good so far, the people are great, and the nearest hotel is actually a cozy B&B, which is a nice change from the nice-but-boring hotels where I usually stay. Oh, and I can drive here, which means I have my own car here, which is much more of a big deal than you'd realize.

Off to bed early soon, I think -- running in the morning. Brr!


Tommy said...

Mmmmmm..... Syrup. It's what's for dinner.

Sonya said...

Syrup. And sausage. The McDonalds kind that I used to get with the hotcakes platter... I'm weird, but that's actually what I like.