Sunday, February 3, 2008

Wedding Bells

My sister's wedding was great. I took a humongous quantity of pictures, which I must now sort through, organize, and prepare. If I had one piece of advice for a budding wedding photographer, it would be: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP. Apply this to everything, and you'll be OK. I brought more cameras, more batteries, more Compact Flash memory, more storage space, more tripods, more film than I needed. The biggest technical failure I had was that my laptop died over the weekend, and while that's a huge frustration for me, I'll have it fixed soon enough, and, most importantly, I lost no pictures.

In other happy news, it was Sonya's birthday today, and we went out to an absolutely delightful meal at the Melting Pot. Also finished my current knitting project (a nice wooly hat), and fixed my rear window wiper on my car (for $45 doing it myself with a used part, instead of $175 for the dealer to do it. Hooray!) Now I need to hop in the shower, throw some clothes in the suitcase, and spend some quality time with my pillow.

Oh, and the Superbowl was today. Didn't watch it, was busy.

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